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Project costing (COSTAB)

Course objectives

Project costing (COSTAB) is very key in effective design and management of a project cycle from design to completion. Care must be taken to collect, collate and organize cost data as appropriate, especially during project preparation and appraisal. Approving a project without adequately prepared project costs, might compromise the expectations of the project, as over-valuation may lead to excessive lending/borrowing, while under-valuation may lead to cost overruns. In both cases, these may endanger the satisfactory completion of the project. Moreover, during preparation and appraisal, application of COSTAB will allow the analyst to make changes as necessary within seconds, while these cascades through the various elements of the project structure. There will be no need to worry about the cumbersome excel sheets. Understanding the COSTAB can tell the story of the project.

Course Content

The course covers both the financial and economic analysis of projects. The financial analysis module covers:

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training, participants should be able to fully undertake costing of projects, organize all the necessary tables, including financing arrangements by components and by categories, as well as procurement arrangements, and other tables as necessary in the preparation and appraisal reports. They will also be able to arrange them in such a way that each table can easily slot in within the project documents, such as preparation or appraisal report, as well as funding arrangements by different financiers, government, donors, beneficiaries, and in both local and dollar currencies

Training Approach

The course is taught through a combination of lectures and group work. While the key concepts and analytical techniques are delivered through lectures and presentations, the group work is used to reinforce and apply some of these tools to relevant case studies.

Couse Duration

The course runs for 10 days.


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