Financial and Economic Appraisal of Projects

10 students

Financial and Economic Appraisal of Projects

Course objectives

The aim of the course is to equip the participants with sound conceptual and theoretical foundations and a set of skills and techniques needed for drawing up project statements and appraising commercial and development projects.


By the end of the course, the participants will gain advanced knowledge and techniques and be able to undertake the financial and economic appraisal of projects, including the estimation of project worth and the various ratios for project ranking: NPV, IRR, BCR, K/NPV (in rural road prioritization). Appreciation of COSTAB (separate training module) will be an advantage.

Training Approach

The course is taught through a combination of lectures and group work, and in both English and French. While the key concepts and analytical techniques are delivered through lectures and presentations, the group work is used to reinforce and apply some of these tools to relevant case studies. Case studies will also cover financial and economic analysis principles during project design (preparation and appraisal), during mid term review and during project completion review. Participants will have full understanding of discounting, opportunity cost of capital, constant and current costs, etc

Course Duration

The course runs for 7 days.


Kifle Wondemu (AfDB Consultant/University of Bradford) and Dr Chiji Ojukwu


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