Monitoring and Evaluation

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Monitoring and Evaluation and Evidenced-based Decision Making – Training Module

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to develop the participants understanding of the concepts, principles, techniques and practice of project monitoring and evaluation.

Course Content        

The course covers fundamentals to monitoring and evaluation, the theory of change, assessing the need for, relevance, validity, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the program’s outcomes and suitability of the implementation set-ups. The course will also cover practical data collection techniques and procedures, quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques; designing and conducting process, outcome and impact evaluations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants will gain robust skill and knowledge of the principles, techniques and practice of project monitoring and evaluation.  Participants will learn a variety of techniques and strategies for planning and designing credible monitoring systems and evaluation work; and be able to conduct rigours needs assessment, designing log-frame and project logic model, develop theory of change and outcome indicators, design a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan and conduct performance monitoring and evaluation studies.

Training Approach

The course will be taught through a mix of lectures, group works and case studies.


Couse Duration: 5 days

Trainers: Dr. Kifle Wondemu (AfDB Consultant)/Dr. Christopher Molokwu (AfDB/WB Consultant)


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