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Procurement Training Programme


Public procurement represents a significant share of the GDP of most countries 20-30 percent in some case. Adequate capacity of the procurement workforce is therefore a crucial component of a sound public procurement system, laying the foundation for the successful development of all other elements. Our company’s experience working with MDBs like the WB, AfDB and others shows that capacity is a key pillar for a sound public procurement system. An efficient system usually includes:

  • Procurement rules and procedures that are simple, clear, along with ensuring access to procurement opportunities;
  • Effective institutions to conduct procurement plans and procedures; and produce, manage and monitor public contracts;
  • Appropriate electronic tools;
  • Suitable human resources, in numbers and skills, to plan and carry out procurement processes
  • Competent contract management

The objectives of the training workshop are the following:

  1. To increase the capacity of targeted audiences
  2. To support the development of administrative capacity, training and dissemination of information
  3. To ensure the effective application of public procurement rules through appropriate mechanisms
  4. To better ensure that public procurement procedures related to ADB, WB ETC co-financed projects are i) legal and regular, and ii) bring the highest quality of services and works (value for money) in Project Procurement
  5. A clear understanding of the principles of effective public procurement, the generic procurement process and the role of corporate and transactional procurement
  6. The capability to plan, implement and evaluate a sourcing process appropriate to the value/risk of the category being procured
  7. Knowledge of what rules and procedures or procurement Policies govern IFI (WB, AfDB etc) and public procurement – and why they exist

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of effective procurement, the AfDB, WB and other procurement process, and the role of procurement strategy
  • Understand the activities associated with effective procurement projects
  • Conduct procurement planning and stakeholder management
  • Write specifications and effective terms of reference (TOR)
  • Choose appropriate procurement methods (RFQ, ITB, RFP, Shortlisting process)
  • Select advertisement method and type of competition and Understand do’s and don’ts when drafting bidding documents
  • Invite and evaluate bids and proposals
  • Practice ethics and integrity in procurement
  • Understand what rules and procedures apply to MDBs and public procurement
  • Appreciate the relevance of these rules and understand why they exist

Key topics include

  • The principles of ADB/WB/IFI and public procurement
  • Procurement planning and strategy and Procurement practices and processes
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Engaging and managing stakeholders
  • Writing specifications and terms of reference
  • Selection of methods (RFQ, ITB and RFP, QCBS, LCB, SS etc) of Projects and Institutional procurement
  • Preparation of solicitation documents and Sourcing of suppliers and advertisement
  • Bid receipt. Opening,Evaluating bids and proposals
  • Contract award, Contract management terms and skills
  • Performance monitoring and Dispute management
  • Ethics and integrity in procurement


Couse Duration

The course runs for 7 days.


APDC Consultant: Dr Umar Lawal


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