Project Design

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Project design

Course aim: The course aims at giving the participants principles of processes commonly used in project cycle management and skills and tools for the effective application of such processes for the sustainable implementation of development programmes. It will cover the tools and techniques for identification, analysis, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects. The course will be delivered through a mix of lectures, tutorials, case discussions and discussion of current projects.

Course objectives: The course will enable the participants to acquire skills and tools for:

  • Conducting in-depth analysis of geographical, environmental, political, and institutional landscape of a development challenge;
  • Identification of a holistic project concept that addresses immediate and long-term challenges and concerns through collaborative and participatory approaches;
  • Identification of data/information needed for preparing a feasible project proposal;
  • Collection of data, and analysis and synthesis of relevant information into a logical and cohesive project proposal which is feasible from all angles – technology, markets, inputs, institutions, management, environment, finance, and implement-ability;
  • Analysis of risks inherent in the projects and formulation of feasible risk management approaches as back-up solutions;
  • Identification of funding sources for long-term capital requirements and day-to-day working capital, and ability to liaise with the agencies for timely flow of funds;
  • Critical appraisal of projects by financial institutions and funding agencies;
  • Development of work plans for effective implementation of the projects through teams consisting of project staff, beneficiaries and other key stakeholders;
  • Integration of knowledge gained from monitoring and evaluation systems into the project design and revision of project objectives and activities; and
  • Use of commercial project management software packages and project design tools such as logframe and an appreciation of their limitations.

Course duration: 7 working Days

Trainers: Chi Lawrence Tawah/Dougou Keita

  • Module 1

    Project Idea Generation

  • Module 2

    Project Design

  • Module 3

    Project Financing and Appraisal. prerequisite for participating in the project design training module is Financial and Economic analysis training

  • Module 4

    Project Implementation Planning

  • Module 5

    Project Implementation Management

  • Module 6

    Project Monitoring and Evaluation. This will be treated as a separate training module but will be considered as a prerequisite for participation in the training module on project design.


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